• 1984 Lego Macintosh

    Ben - Thu 28 February 2013 - lego

    When I first saw Chris McVeigh's Lego 1984 Macintosh, I knew it would look great on my desk. But Chris' kits sold out pretty fast and being over here in the UK, I didn't want to deal with international shipping. Soon afterwards, Chris was good enough to share ...

  • My iOS receipt scanning workflow

    Ben - Mon 18 February 2013 - urlscheme, hazel, iOS, dropbox, workflow

    I have been intrigued by the rise in iOS workflows with URL schemes. This has been boasted by the launch of Drafts 2.5 with it's custom URL actions and people like Federico Viticci showing off the power of them.

    Being inspired by that, I've finally nailed the ...

  • Brett Terpstra's Hyperkey

    Ben - Fri 15 February 2013 -

    I've had my Caps Lock key remapped to an escape key for some time now. I've become quite used to it - to the point where using other people's keyboards is inconvenient. Given that I've already ruined my muscle memory, I figured I'd take it a ...

  • 30 of the most beautiful abandoned places

    Ben - Sun 10 February 2013 - photography

    I'm a sucker for abandoned photography, there is always a story behind the photo. Check out this post on 30 of the most beautiful abandoned places for some incredible shots.

    Also check out abandonedporn.com for more abandoned goodness.

  • This is not another 'you failed' message for Mr Hackett

    Ben - Sun 20 January 2013 -

    For anyone who follows Stephen Hackett over at 512pixels.net, will know that he tried to give up his iPhone (a brand new iPhone 5 at that) for a year. That's a pretty gutsy move coming from a tech blogger and someone who works in IT full-time. As much ...

  • US employee 'outsourced job to China'

    Ben - Thu 17 January 2013 -

    A security check on a US company has reportedly revealed one of its staff was outsourcing his work to China.

    The software developer, in his 40s, is thought to have spent his workdays surfing the web, watching cat videos on YouTube and browsing Reddit and eBay.

    You can't make ...

  • MIT invent an ice cube to save you from a hangover

    Ben - Tue 15 January 2013 -

    He invented glowing ice cubes that would change from green, to orange, and to red depending on how much alcohol a drinker's had over time. Red would indicate that the individual was well past the legal limit and would notify a close friend via text.

    I'm sure version ...

  • Ubuntu holds a Microsoft style "hands on" event

    Ben - Sun 13 January 2013 -

    Canonical demonstrated a Galaxy Nexus running Ubuntu's phone interface at the Consumer Electronics Show, but product manager Richard Collins explained that the company isn't quite ready to let us use it. "We're just doing all of the driving for the demos for now simply because we understand ...

  • OmniFocus offering a free licence until version 2 ships

    Ben - Sun 13 January 2013 - omnifocus

    If you haven't given OmniFocus a try yet, then now is a prefect time too. OmniFocus are handing out a free licence of OmniFocus 1 for Mac until version 2 ships (probably sometime in Q2).

    Go grab the licence on the OmniFocus blog and give it a try for ...

  • CESpool

    Ben - Tue 08 January 2013 -

    This is amazing.

    Would you like to see the fourth generation of the Ultrabook? Do you even know what the hell that is? Is it better than a Megabook?


    Will someone dare do a 27-inch phone?


    Can you afford a 4K television? What if you sell a kidney? What if ...