Current Mess

Ben - Tue 30 October 2012 - file system

This is where most of documents currently live based on a previous attempt to clean my file system (I won't show you the mess below…).

  • Archive: Not really much in there, just some old file I wanted out of sight. I don't think anything new has gone in there for 2 years.
  • Business: Meant to be freelance stuff, accounts, cv's, client file etc but has ended up with lots of project folders.
  • Important Documents: I run a pretty much paperless (though not very efficient) home, all scanned letters and receipts end up here. New clients I work for generally want to see my insurance policies, driving license and passport so I keep scanned copies of these here, ready to be fired off in a email.
  • Projects: Where most of web and graphic projects start. It also contains design resources but I've never found a good system for organising that (one of my other goals).

Where to start?

Time to boot up my Drobo, archive this stuff and begin working on a new system.