Removing unwanted application data from your Documents folder

Ben - Wed 31 October 2012 - file system

So in the process of trying to remove anything from my Documents folder to start afresh, I encountered a few problems with application data stuck in there.

The first culprit was Microsoft Office. Sadly I do need Microsoft Office installed as I create PowerPoints on behalf of my clients. Office leaves a nice pointless folder called "Microsoft User Data" in your Documents. Lucky I found this solution.

Simply move "Microsoft User Data" folder from "Documents" to Users/ (YOUR USER NAME)/Library/Preferences/

It seems to working fine so far. I also had folders from AutoCAD and my DYMO label printer in there. I'll never need to see these folders and I couldn't really be bothered to move them. So I just used "chflags hidden" command in Terminal to hide the folders.

chflags hidden DYMO\\ Label\\ Software/

chflags hidden autocad/

All done!