Storing important files in a sparse bundle disk image

Ben - Thu 01 November 2012 - OSX, encryption, security

I thought I better take some better security steps with scanned copies of my personal documents. I've heard David Sparks talk about using secure disk images to store important files before but I never got around to using them.

I came across a post on creating secure disk image files over at gigaom. But in the comments I saw this

One problem with this is that your disk image is kept in a single monster-sized file, and if you use Time Machine, the whole file must be written to the archive whenever you change *anything* in the virtual disk.

A solution is to select an image format of "sparse bundle disk image". A sparse bundle acts much like a dmg file but it is actually made up of many small files and is therefore much more efficient for backing up.

So here is my sparse bundle for my personal documents.