How a Blind Man Uses Instagram On His iPhone.

Ben - Thu 03 January 2013 - photography, instagram

Tommy Edison has been blind since birth but is an avid Instagram user. This is all down to the accessibility settings on the iPhone.

This is just incredible! Is it really only Apple who put effort into this kind of stuff? You never hear stories of my Android or Windows device is helping me have a better quality of life.

Me and my wife recently lent our iPad 1 to a friend's 9 year old daughter for 3 months because she had recently diagnosed with Dyslexia. It was amazing to see this device have such a big impact on her learning, so much so that Santa left one under the tree for her this year.

One day I'll get around to writing a post on how as a Dyslexic person myself, the Mac helped me get through school and continues to help me everyday overcome my difficulties.

[via photojojo]