This is not another 'you failed' message for Mr Hackett

Ben - Sun 20 January 2013 -

For anyone who follows Stephen Hackett over at, will know that he tried to give up his iPhone (a brand new iPhone 5 at that) for a year. That's a pretty gutsy move coming from a tech blogger and someone who works in IT full-time. As much as a some people thought he was just another blogger looking for page views, I believed his motives to be genuine.

Stephen broke the news on his podcast last week, that he had failed the experiment after 2 months. I'm sure Stephen is dealing with messages of hate from all corners of the internet at the moment but I want to take a minute to thank him.

The experiment for me, was an eye opener into the way I conduce my mobile usage in social situations. Being someone who lives more on the introvert side of life and works in a very social industry (e.g straight from site to the pub). The temptation is all too great to whip out the iPhone when I've had enough of the conversation. Stephen's experiment has made me realise how boring a table of mobile phone users are and unfair to the people I'm socialising with. Also being a freelancer, maybe I should be putting more time into those relationships so I get re-employed rather then my phone.

I now think twice about if it is appropriate to grab my phone out just to check [insert social media service] rather then socialising.

To you Mr Hackett, I thank you.