1984 Lego Macintosh

Ben - Thu 28 February 2013 - lego

When I first saw Chris McVeigh's Lego 1984 Macintosh, I knew it would look great on my desk. But Chris' kits sold out pretty fast and being over here in the UK, I didn't want to deal with international shipping. Soon afterwards, Chris was good enough to share his plans and brick list with the world. Unfortunately there was a number of missing pieces which I posted up on app.net but I gave it a shot anyway.

I wanted to try and use as many bricks from Lego's Pick a Brick site as possible. One to make it easier to source but also to keep the cost down. Buying bricks from multiple eBay vendors can add up quickly! While searching the site, I managed to find some of the missing pieces under different brick codes which was handy.

Below are links to the list of bricks I used1. I've substituted things like "2x4 Flat Tiles" with twice as many 1x4's etc. I also went for an "off" look with the grey screen as I couldn't find the blue pieces anywhere.

Part List - PDF

Part List - Numbers


On the keyboard I switched out the "Tan Plate Jumper 2x2" with white plates where no one could see them and flat plates (without the jumper) in areas that are on show.

Soulver tells me that the total came in at £41.04. Enjoy!


  1. I've left in my eBay links in but there have all sold/expired. It should give you an idea of the sellers and alternative brick names though.