Brett Terpstra's Hyperkey

Ben - Fri 15 February 2013 -

I've had my Caps Lock key remapped to an escape key for some time now. I've become quite used to it - to the point where using other people's keyboards is inconvenient. Given that I've already ruined my muscle memory, I figured I'd take it a step further. The end result is that hitting my Caps Lock key once still gives me "Escape," but holding it triggers a "Hyper" modifier key (simultaneous Control, Shift, Option and Command). I can map the Hyper key using any of an assortment of utilities to do all kinds of fun things.

This post has been sitting in my Instapaper queue for a while now. I thought, this is kinda cool and geeky but I couldn't see the point of it. Now I've set it up, I'm not sure I can go back! The ability to just press 2 keys to open an application or do a system action is very helpful. Here the first few actions I've setup.

If you haven't seen it yet, check out Brett's post on A useful Caps Lock key.