• Poor Spirit Rover

    Ben - Mon 07 January 2013 - space, mars

    [via xkcd]

  • Barn Owl [02-52] - project 52

    Ben - Sun 06 January 2013 - project52

    Barn Owl [02-52] by Ben Huckle (BenHuckle)) on 500px.com
    Barn Owl [02-52]

  • Best Anti-Piracy Film Warning - IT Crowd

    Ben - Sun 06 January 2013 -

    "You wouldn't shoot a Policeman and then steal his helmet. You wouldn't go to the toilet in his helmet, and then send it to the Policeman's grieving widow, and then steal it again."

    Wish they would use this piracy warning instead! One of my favourite IT Crowd ...

  • Peep Show - The Graphic Equaliser

    Ben - Sun 06 January 2013 -

    "So this is really very similar to a much larger version of the, uh, old graphics equaliser that you might have had on your hi-fi, in that it takes the graphics - which is another word for music - and it equalises them across the whole span..."

  • How a Blind Man Uses Instagram On His iPhone.

    Ben - Thu 03 January 2013 - photography, instagram

    Tommy Edison has been blind since birth but is an avid Instagram user. This is all down to the accessibility settings on the iPhone.

    This is just incredible! Is it really only Apple who put effort into this kind of stuff? You never hear stories of my Android or Windows ...

  • project 52

    Ben - Thu 03 January 2013 - photography, project52

    This year I've started a "project 52" photography project over at 500px.

    My Canon 40D has developed a lot of dust over 2012 so I'm hoping this will encourage my photography in 2013. I'll be posting an image every week over on my 500px page.

    Why not ...

  • Mum's iPhone Contract

    Ben - Tue 01 January 2013 - iPhone, children

    Janell Burley Hofmann blogger and mother has given her 13 year old an iPhone but with an 18 point contract. I like the idea of her building strong foundations in her son regarding technology. Some of my favourite points are

    Do not use this technology to lie, fool, or deceive ...

  • Raspberry Pi AirPlay Speaker

    Ben - Sat 29 December 2012 - AirPlay, RaspberryPi

    This Raspberry Pi hack might just temp me into finally buying one.

    [via TUAW]

  • Batman Physics

    Ben - Fri 28 December 2012 -

    High res version via visual.ly.

  • Rules Of Work Posters

    Ben - Wed 26 December 2012 - art

    "Nothing Good Comes From Hitting Reply All".

    [via Fab]